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You know you’re a procrastinator when you read textbooks for the classes you haven’t even started yet instead of studying for that one class you still have to pass.
What the hell, it will count as studying one day, right?
— give-wings-to-strength
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Do you recognize yourself?

Do you recognize yourself?

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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The last bell rings and after the students clear the room, a former student walks into the class.  He is pushing a stroller.

Me:  “Oh my god.”

Him:  “Yeah, I know.  Sir, this is Ella.”

I’m in shock.  He only graduated two years prior.

Me:  “How old is she?”

Him:  “Six months.”

He picks her up and shows her to me.  She is beautiful.

Him:  “You want to hold her?”

Me:  “I’m not good with babies.”

Him:  “I wasn’t either.”

He hands her to me.  She coos as I cradle her.  Everything about her feels so fragile and I am overwhelmed with sadness and joy for her father.

Me:  “What are you doing these days?”

Him:  “I’m working three jobs.  Saving up for school.  I’m going to do that construction program you talked about.”

Me:  “That’s amazing.  Good for you.  I’m so proud of you.”

We stay silent awhile.

Me:  “How do you do it?”

Him:  “Remember when you told us that one day, if we’re lucky, we’ll find out we’re way stronger than we thought we were?”

Me:  “I don’t remember.”

Him:  “Well, you did.”

Me:  “And was I right?”

Him:  “I don’t know yet.  I hope so.”

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How schools kill creativity →

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Thank you textbooksandtea for tagging me and I apologize for taking so long to answer. I am supposed to write 11 questions of my own and tag 11 other people, however, I’m not going to do that :).

1) What subject(s) do you study?
Law (at university level).
This year I had the following subjects: Roman law, European Union law, Economy, Introduction to civil law, History of law, Sociology of law, Introduction to jurisprudence, Constitutional law.

2) How do you like to wind down?
Listening to music, teaching my Border Collie tricks, fitness, watching TV shows, reading books, coffee with friends, playing games,… When personal problems bug me, I study.

3) How many years do you plan to be in education for?
Four more are a must for me, then we’ll see.. Will never stop learning though ;).

4) What is your life goal?
I don’t have just one - to be a person with a great character (positive, inspirational, strong, interesting,…), to pass the bar exam, become a prosecutor and protect the people and animals who can’t protect themselves, to make a change in how animals are legally protected here,…

5) Favourite book?
Hehe, again, I don’t have just one: 
Charlotte Brönte - Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brönte - Wuthering Heights
Christian Jacq - Ramses (collection)
Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie - Curtain
Agatha Christie - The Moving Finger
Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes (collection)
Albert Camus - The Stranger

6) Cats or dogs?
Undecided because I love both. Got a cat and a dog as well.

7) Do you use a well known note taking system, or do you use your own method?
I usually use my own note taking system, though I did try to stick with the Cornell method, but it just wasn’t 100% for me. :)

8) Did/do you enjoy your school days?
Looking back now, yes, I did. Wish I could go back to high school - it was easy. Now it’s not. ;)

9) Do you find time to keep up hobbies whilst studying?
Yes. I don’t have hobbies that take up too much time or travelling or anything like that. It’s hard sometimes, but if I didn’t keep up with them, I’d go crazy.

10) Did you always enjoy education? Do you enjoy it now?
There were some parts I did (English, History, Math,…) and some I didn’t (Physics). it’s the same now. Some subjects interest me (Roman law), some don’t (Economy).

11) Would you say you have/had a good relationship with your teachers?
In high school, mostly yes. In university professors don’t really remember us that well, but I’ve never had any problems with them.
I don’t kiss ass though, if the questions was asking that. ;)

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I noticed you had a pic of a notebook w/ colored corners - do you color code them yourself, and what color coding system do you use (by topic, by chapter, by class unit etc.)

I assume you mean the pictures with a math word cloud on one of them. It isn’t mine, it was found on Pinterest (check the source - if the source gives my URL, then that is my actual picture, others are reblogs from elsewhere), you will need to ask them :).

For my color coding system, it’s not a lot: I use a registrator (file holder) with seperators and each seperator means a different class (for example: green means Economy, red Roman law, yellow Legal theory, blue European Union law, and so on).

I don’t use these much, they’re just backup in case my computer, external hard drive and Dropbox decide to die on the same day. I don’t use notebooks at all, I have folders on my computer, synced to Dropbox and copied to an external hard drive. First, I have a big folder for the year I’m in (for example: 1L), then a folder for each subject (for example: Economy) and then inside this one folders like: Notes, Professor’s material, Exams and questions, Judgements and practice. In each of these, the files are named for what they are in an order, for example in the Notes section: 01_Notes (the name of the creator if it’s not me), in the Exams and questions section: 01_August 2014 and so on.

I know it’s not what you asked, because I don’t know the answer to that, but I hope I did help a little. Have a nice day. :)

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Meet "The Board" →


Okay, so, I have been creating a study schedule/tracking concept for a while now, and now that I’m finally finished I thought I would share this with you. This is the board:


Ingredients are really simple: there’s two small bulletin boards, pins and pieces of paper in five different colour….

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